Local Towns


A favourite of ours is a medieval walled village set in the valley, a flower festival is held on corpus Christie each year where the villagers are tasked with decorating the street in front of there homes. Many are works of art that take hours of love to create but are only there for a day. Each August they hold a week long palio, held in the evening when it is cooler there are competitions, processions, drumming, flag throwing, culminating with horse racing and a jousting tournament. It is usually held around fer Augusta and is a must for anyone visiting in August.

Amandola – gateway to the Sibillini mountains

The town is at the foot of the Tenna valley and represents a meeting point between country and mountain civilizations. In the summer many outdoor concerts are held, October sees the celebration of Tartufo (truffle) which have their own distinctive smell and flavour, not always to everyone’s taste. They are much sort after by high class restaurants, and are more valuable than gold. Italians are famous for there gelato (Ice cream) in June you will find a festa in honour of this delicious treat.