History Of Casa Edera

It all began in 2003 when my sister gave us a newspaper article about Le Marche, so we came on a short getaway from the UK to have a look for ourselves. It was like stepping back in time, we both quickly fell in love with the area, returning home to the UK having bought 2 acres of land on which were what we lovingly refer to as 4 piles of stones.

What had we done! it was never our intention to take on such a project but perhaps find something small, finished, that we could use as a base for holidays, from which to explore the area and Italy further. The adventure had begun.

The house had been abandoned in the 1950’s, was discovered by chance, rebuilt in 2005 and extended in 2014.
The barn (Casa Edera) was the first we tackled and once completed in 2005 we were able to stay in during our holidays, gradually taming the land and formulating a plan.
The house had been abandoned in the 1950’s, was discovered by chance, rebuilt in 2005 and extended in 2014.

It was always our intention to spend more time here once we had retired but during Christmas 2014 we both decided it was now or never, and moved here permanently in March 2015. With the help of builders and a neighbour we have now rebuilt and restored 3 of those piles.

Last year saw us demolish the 4th of our stone piles leaving the remains of an underground grain store. The project is ongoing and evolves as it progresses.

The taming of the land is ongoing and an old chaino tractor became an essential tool we both loved to use, not having a steering wheel took some getting used to, as did the lucky dip gears, but it was always a joy once the garden had been cut. As our land is mainly flat, something of a rarity here, we took the sad decision that we needed something more manoeuvrable and easier to use. Our much loved tractor has now gone to a new home in the mountains.

After leaving the UK to take up permanent residence in Italy, owners Terry and Caroline moved from Casa Edera, their holiday home for many years into a rebuilt farmhouse on site. Terry is now fulfilling a lifelong ambition, painting the Italian Landscape, and teaching watercolour, with classes held weekly. An introduction to watercolour painting can be provided by the host for novices or experienced artists wanting to try this medium.

In 2017 we acquired a new member of the family, a very cheeky but cute abandoned puppy, Saffy as we named her, immediately made herself at home. She has turned into a lovely, happy little dog, who wags everything as she smiles to greet you.