Grotte di Frasassi (Ancona)

Journey to the depths of Le Marche through Italy’s largest and most famous complex of caves. 13 km of limestone caverns have been explored with 3.5 km open to the general public which are equipped with walkways and theatrical lighting. Included is the spectacular Grotta Grande del Vento, Europe’s largest single cavern which is so vast that Milan Cathedral would fit comfortably inside. Like most things Italian it closes between 1pm – 4pm. Dont worry though there are several little villages along the way with local restaurants and bars in which to while away your holiday.

Piazza del Popolo (Ascoli Piceno)

Ascoli is the regions capital, it has towers and squares the most famous of which is ‘Piazza del Popolo’ and is considered one of the most beautiful piazza in Italy. Surrounded by buildings made in travertine a white marble looking stone. Two buildings in the place are of particular historic interest “Palazzo del Popolo and the church of San Francesco. During the summer months there is a little tourist train which meanders through back alley ways pointing out places of interest along the way.

Loreto – Marys house

Perched on a hillside Loreto is famous for it’s Basilica which is believed to contain ‘House of the Virgin Mary’ and the black Madonna. There are many stories of how the house where Jesus spent his childhood made it’s miraculous journey from Nazareth to Italy. Today it is a place of pilgrimage and definitely well worth a visit.

Piano Grande

A giant caldera cut off for most of the year which comes alive with the most vibrant wildflowers during July. The journey up through the mountains takes in some spectacular scenery and skirts around Monte Vettore standing at 2476m. Before you descend into the caldera take a moment to stop and watch the enthusiasts flying there model planes or simply take in the views.

Sibillini Mountain Walks

Routes in the Sibillini National Park are extremely mixed and varied from low level tree-lined strolls to exposed mountain ridge walks and scrambles; there is something to suit everyone’s ability.

For more information please visit our Walking In The Sibillini Mountains page.